Developmental Education

Developmental education courses are provided for CLTCC students who do not have the minimum required placement test scores or ACT scores for the program or course being pursued. Placement in developmental courses will be determined after the student submits placement test scores and is advised by a faculty advisor.

Developmental courses include Foundations of Reading and English (ENGL 0095) and Foundations of Algebra (MATH 0095). These semester-length courses will transfer to other post-secondary institutions to satisfy developmental requirements. Successful completion of the prerequisite developmental courses will allow the student to enter the required first year courses in mathematics and English.

Co-requisite developmental courses are also offered to allow students to take the first year courses in mathematics and English in the same semester as the developmental course. Students must meet a minimum required placement test score to enroll in co-requisite developmental courses. Co-requisite courses include Collaborative Learning Composition (ENGL 0096) and Collaborative Learning Algebra (MATH 0096). Students must also enroll in the designated section of MATH 1100 and/or ENGL 1010.

For more information about developmental education courses at CLTCC, contact Dr. John Broderick, Dean of Academics by email at [email protected] or by phone at 318-487-5443, EXT. 1939.