Book Voucher Instructions

CLTCC has partnered with MBS Direct/Barnes and Noble Bookstore to provide students, staff and faculty with textbooks and other classroom supplies.  MBS Direct/BNC serves as a virtual bookstore for many colleges and universities.

Students who receive Federal Financial Aid may qualify for a book voucher to purchase books for the semester.  Book vouchers will be approved by the Financial Aid office if the student has enough aid to cover tuition, fees, and has a credit balance.

Please note:  If you charge your books to your account, and are not eligible to receive Federal Financial Aid, you are responsible to pay any book charges that are on your student account. Also, if you receive your credit balance before your book charges are posted to your account, you are responsible to pay the balance which result from the late book charges.

Students who qualify for a book voucher will be notified by MBS Direct/BNC via email that the voucher is available for use. Instructions on how to access the voucher are listed on the email.