Social Media

CLTCC’s official social media channels are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. All CLTCC social media sites must be approved by the Strategic Outreach Coordinator, the Information Technology Department, and the Chancellor prior to being established (see CLTCC Social Media Policy).

For example, if a department feels CLTCC should have a social media account that it does not already have, the department head will need to complete a Social Media Request & Usage Form and explain why CLTCC should create the new social media account. Please email the form to [email protected]. The Strategic Outreach Coordinator will review the request with the Information Technology Department and the Chancellor.

By using social media, CLTCC can promote the college year-round, recruit new students, interact with current students, share news and events, and disseminate important information such as campus closures and unforeseen emergencies.

CLTCC on Social Media