All applicants who are pursuing a credential (Technical Competency Area, Certificate of Technical Studies, Technical Diploma or Associate of Applied Science Degree) are required to take a placement exam. CLTCC accepts placement scores from ACT, SAT, ASSET, ACCUPLACER and COMPASS™ taken within the last three years. Unconditional admission is granted to students meeting the placement score requirements for their specific program.


ACCUPLACER  is a comprehensive, computerized skills survey system that measures your:

  • Reading Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Mathematics Skills

ACCUPLACER is not a pass/fail test. ACCUPLACER is adaptive; most students will see test questions become more or less difficult based on previously answered questions.

What are ACCUPLACER scores used for?

ACCUPLACER scores determine your place in:

  • College level courses
  • Developmental courses

When Can I Take the ACCUPLACER?

Students must submit an application online here prior to taking the ACCUPLACER.

Can I study for the ACCUPLACER?

Practice tests are available on the internet at:

Can I use a calculator on the test?

No, a calculator can not be used while taking the test.

Is the ACCUPLACER test timed?

ACCUPLACER takes approximately three-and-a-half hours to complete (all three surveys). You should arrive 30 minutes early to ensure adequate time to test. Below are some important facts to remember:

  • Take your time!
  • Read all directions carefully and completely.
  • Ask the proctor if you have any questions.
  • Pay close attention to details.
  • Wait for the computer to respond.
  • Do not click or press enter more than once on the computer.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast the day of the test.

When will I get my test results?

Test results are provided at the end of the testing session. Nursing students must schedule an appointment with an advisor after taking the ACCUPLACER test.

How much does ACCUPLACER Cost?

Accuplacer Testing Fee: (Reading, Writing, Mathematics)

  • Applicant- $30 for initial test session and $10 per component for retests
  • Non-Applicant-$50 first test session and $50 per section retests 

If you have any questions contact Student Services 1-800-278-9855, ext. 1129.