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A 10-hour training that teaches basic safety and health information to entry-level workers in construction and general industry. It is part of the OSHA Outreach Training Program, which explains serious workplace hazards, workers' rights, employer responsibilities and how to file an OSHA complaint. We've designed this training to be fully narrated and interactive with a goal to educate workers on identifying, avoiding, controlling, and preventing jobsite hazards.  


This 30-hour training course is appropriate for workers who perform new construction, alteration or repairs. If you are a supervisor in any industry other than construction, agriculture or maritime, OSHA considers you a general industry worker and recommends this course.  


This course of instruction provides individiuals an overview to the various fields of basic safety, introduction to construction math, hand tools, power tools, construction drawings, basic rigging, basic communication skills, basic employability skills and materials handling.  


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