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These courses are offered on a rotating schedule. Please contact Paula Butterfield or Phone: 318-487-5443 ext. 1157 for more information.

Certified Nurse Aid Training Program


The Certified Nurse Aid training program will provide classroom, skills lab, and clinical experiences that will focus on providing basic nursing skills. These skills will meet physiological, psychosocial, socio-cultural, and spiritual needs of clients in various health care settings. The student will perform, demonstrate, and practice a minimum of 45 hours of basic geriatric nursing care in a long-term care facility under the supervision of CLTCC. The student will become CPR and AED certified throughout this course. The CLTCC Nurse Aid training program is approved and monitored by the Louisiana Department of Health.

This is a Hybrid course that is 98 hours.

Surgical Nurse Tech training program

Surgical Nurse/Tech

This course will prepare students to assist the doctors, nurses, and other operating room workers. They help prepare patients for surgery, set up the surgical equipment, and transport patients to the operating room. Technicians help keep track of equipment and sterile items during surgery. They also help to prepare samples of tissues (specimens) or organs that will be tested in a laboratory.

This is a Face-to-Face course that is 240 hours.

Phlebotomy Training Program

Phlebotomy Tech

The Phlebotomy Technician course is designed to provide the student knowledge and skills to perform tasks competently and professionally. The course will allow the student to enhance their interpersonal skills and observations. Upon successful completion, the student will be eligible to take the national certification exam in Phlebotomy.

This is a hybrid course and is 147 hours.

Emergency Medical Technician Training program


The Emergency Medical Technician basic course will allow students to learn how to respond to crisis and emergency situations and assist those who are suffering from accidents and other health emergencies. The student will also be CPR and AED certified to meet AHA requirements. Upon successful completion, the student will be eligible to test for certification by the National Registry of EMTs and licensure by the State of Louisiana.

This course is Face-to-Face and 120 hours.

Emergency Medical Responder Training Program

EMR Tech

The Emergency Medical Responder basic course will prepare students with skills and knowledge to function in the capacity as a responder arriving at the scene of a medical emergency. The EMR will provide care until the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) has arrived to help. The student will gain knowledge through this course to aid in CPR and AED certification to meet AHA requirements.

This is a Face-to-Face course that is 72 hours.

Electrocardiograph Technician (EKG) course

EKG Technician

The Electrocardiograph Technician (EKG) course introduces the principles of basic Electrocardiograph which prepares the technician to perform non-invasive cardiac testing procedures in a health setting under supervision. This program includes basic anatomy and physiology with emphasis on the cardiovascular and respiratory system, as well as interpretation of basic and life-threatening arrhythmia. The student will gain knowledge through this course to aid in CPR and AED certification to meet AHA requirements.

This is a Hybrid course and 132 hours.


CPR Training


This hands-on skills training prepares you to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies. It also teaches the skills and knowledge needed to provide care for victims of sudden cardiac arrest through the safe use of an automated external defibrillator (AED). The class can teach Adult CPR/AED, Child CPR/AED, and/or Infant CPR/AED (any combination of the three).

This class is Face-to-Face and is 8 hours.

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